Reliant Recruitment Ltd provide a quality service to our clients and service users by ensuring that our nurses and Healthcare staff  meet our specific criteria and are of the highest calibre.

In care homes, training and education of both care assistants and nurses is vital. It is essential that high quality care is delivered, standards are maintained and that staff are motivated.

There are always some staff members who are reluctant to participate in training. We should not be frightened of training but it should be looked upon as part of our everyday work.

Care homes provide treatment to vulnerable individuals and the quality of care provided is largely determined by the staff within the service – many of whom are care assistants. The Care Standards Act 2000 (standard 28) requires three days annual training for care home staff.

Mandatory Training For Care Homes – the requirements

Annual mandatory training courses must include fire safety, moving and handling, and health and safety. There is also an expectation that every shift is covered by at least one person who has been trained in first aid. This can be a huge but necessary expectation of both the staff and the home.